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Contractor User Part 1
Contractor Registration Part 1

Contractor Registration

Your first step in online access to Cascade as a Contractor User.  Watch Part 1 and Part 2 of these helpful videos to learn more about the registration process. 

Contractor User Part 2
Contractor Registration Part 2

Contractor Registration Part 2

Part 2 of the contractor registration guides you through the process of applying for a permit after you have been validated as a contractor by the municipality.  

Address Search by Owners Name
Address Search by Owner's Name

Address Search by Owner's Name

Search for an address by using the owner's name.  Find all addresses that are attached to an owner. 

Create Public User
Create Public User

Create a Public User

This video walks you through the process on how to create a new public user.  Public users are typically the owner of a business or property. 

New Contractor User
Add User to Contractor Account

Add User to Existing Contractor Account

Learn how to add an additional user to your contractor account. 




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