Return on Investment Calculator

The move from spreadsheets and post-it notes to the digital realm can be overwhelming, but the benefits far outweigh the cost. Fill out the values below to get a rough calculation of how much time and money your municipality can save by moving to Cascade.

How many permits does your municipality issue on an annual basis?

On average, how many hours does your staff spend during the process of a single permit?

The average cost of one of those staff hours? 

Your partners' time is important too. How much time do your contractors/homeowners spend during the permit process?

Looking at your turnaround times, how many days does your staff typically take to review and complete permits?

How many inspections are performed by your office anually?

How much time is spent on paperwork for one inspection?

How many reports does your staff have to generate every month? How long does an average report take to make?

Cascade's permitting capabilities can save your team XXX hours every year resulting in savings of up to XXX$. Contractors and homeowners in your area will also benefit as the turnaround time on permit issuance is reduced by XX days. Fully utilizing the mobile and reporting functions of cascade can further reduce the needed staff hours saving you even more for a total of XXX hours and XXX$ anually.