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ProCode provides full building department services for the Town of Eaton.  Please explore the items below to find out more information on how to apply for a permit, get handouts and and find other helpful documents.  If you have specific questions click the chat box for immediate assistance.

Ready to apply?  Click this link to access the online permitting system.

To get started in the online permit system check out these how-to's - click on the type of user you are to view instructions.

Contractors will need to provide proof of liavility insurance with the Town of Eaton listed as the insurance certificate holder.

For Helpful Hints in using the online permit software click on the Cascade button...


Applications for Building permits can be found here...

Need Guidance - Here are some handouts that can can guide you through the process...

2018 Building Guides:
Informational Handouts:

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More about Eaton...

Eaton has adopted the 2018 I-Codes, with the 2012 Energy code and 2020 National Electrical Code.  You can review the code adoption with amendments below.  New fees are proposed to be adopted in January 2021.  

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